Beating the heat at New York Fashion Week: Skincare and beauty for the sweaty!

The craziness of New York Fashion Week is finally here, and
as I’m packing my bags here in London for my big trip back home I am finding
myself very carefully packing my cosmetics and skincare products. NYFW in
September is always a hot one, and it’s made even hotter by the fact that most
of us are running here, there and everywhere trying to keep up with shows,
go-sees and parties. It’s a workaholic’s dream, but it can be your skin’s worst

For NYFW, I always leave the majority of my heavier makeup
right in my top drawer, i.e. it’s not coming with me.  Instead, my week revolves around keeping a
face that is fresh and clean and ready for an impromptu sweat here and there. I
know how unpleasant that sounds, but I’m not here to sugar-coat things for you,
I’m shelling out advice instead. So here’s what I say you do. For your makeup
bag include the following:

  • Three lip colours, including two bolds and one nude colour.
    If you want to make a statement with your makeup, do it with your lips. Nothing
    can update a look faster than a fierce red lip. Leave the nude for more casual
    moments when you are wearing a loud garment or want to play up another feature
    like your eyes… which leads me to the next must-have.
  • A great eyeliner. Pack the one you trust, and make sure it’s
    waterproof and smudge proof if possible. Playing up your eyes with a strong
    bold line and building perhaps a smoky eye into the look is a great way to put
    together an attention-getting look without risking caked-on makeup running down
    your face mid-stride to your next show.
  • My Simple Skincare staples-
    Simple’s Sooth Facial Toner and their Cleansing Facial Wipes.
    You already know I don’t leave home without them, and sometimes you really do
    just need that quick swipe of toner or a “wipe down” (for lack of a better
    phrase) to instantly refresh your look.

Bottom line here, keep your look clean this season. Nothing
says amateur more than someone who shows up to an event with their full face of
makeup running down their neck!

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple® Skincare Program. to share your story on sensitive skin.


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