Anya Hindmarch’s cheeky spring summer 2013 collection debut

For spring summer 2013 Anya Hindmarch once again wins “most original” when it comes to shows at fashion week. This is the designer’s second “presentation” during London Fashion Week and to be quite honest, we were all wondering how she was going to top her previous performance. Last season we saw Anya Hindmarch’s autumn winter collection showcased as part of a candy factory and every single moment filled the room with instant joy. I’ve never seen an audience with such pronounced smiles at any fashion show I’ve ever attended. In short, Anya gave herself some mighty big shoes to fill for her next show.

So the invite arrives from Anya Hindmarch for Spring Summer 2013 and I’m instantly reminded of what we saw for Anya Hindmarch Cruise 2013. You may remember we were presented with a variety of 18th century influences from large tassels to full on artist tributes. As it turns out, this was just a warm up to the main event we would be presented with for SS13. The “cheeky” invite said it all.

Upon arriving at the show, I was labeled a “Lady”. That was good to know. What that really meant was that I was seated in the “Lady” row. I took my seat, snapped a few pics of what looked like a giant covered carousel in front of me and enjoyed looking over my seat party favours. Who doesn’t love a variety of beauty marks to choose from for fashion week? Bring on the beauty street snappers and I’ll be ready.

Then the show began. What happened next is hard to describe in words so perhaps better left to the actual images and video to tell the tale. All I will say is that Anya Hindmarch left us all stunned once again. Her delivery was outstanding and the collection itself is sensational. But don’t take my word for it, have a look yourself…


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