Andie MacDowell & daughers cover Town & Country October 2012

Andie MacDowell and her two daughters Rainey and Margaret Qualley cover Town & Country October 2012. Is it just me or does Andie look more like an older sister to these two rather than a mother? It’s certainly a beautiful portrait which I hope now has a place on the wall in the MacDowell household. 

In this issue Andie speaks to everything from career rebirth to her rich fantasy live. Here’s a special preview of the interview:

On aging gracefully:

“I think there is sexy, and then there’s tacky sexy. When you’re young, you can get away with tacky sexy. I mean, it’s not even tacky when you’re young. But when you get older, it’s just tacky.”

On letting her mind wander during photo shoots:

“In my fantasy, I would get into elevators, those old-fashioned, really beautiful ones in Paris, and start hitting on men…It didn’t matter what they looked like or how old they were…And as soon as the doors would open, it would be over.”

On dating:

“I’m in an unusual stage right now because I haven’t dated in so long. The sense of isolation turns it all into a bigger deal. Just taking the risk of opening the door is really hard for me right now.

(photo credit: Art Streiber / Town & Country)


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