Staying at The Nobis in Stockholm (Stockholm Visit part I)

Last weekend I went to Sweden, Stockholm to be specific. I was there on a mission… to shop! My task for the weekend was to find the latest and greatest in shopping in Stockholm while also experiencing all the pleasantries of the city. I flew in mid-afternoon on Friday (flew Norwegian… an airline I absolutely love and recommend wholeheartedly…plus free wifi on board). From Friday night through until Sunday afternoon I called The Nobis Stockholm my home.

Upon arrival at The Nobis Stockholm hotel I was greeted by some of the most beautiful people I do believe I have ever seen in my 32 years on the planet. Every bellboy and receptionist looked as if they’d be more comfortable on the pages of Vogue. However, they were wonderfully accommodating and bent over backwards to make me feel welcome from the moment I stepped into the hotel. Where I was a little concerned that my Swedish wasn’t up to scratch, everyone at the hotel made me feel right at ease by speaking perfect English. I do believe their English was probably better than mine, if I’m being honest.

My room at The Nobis was a comfortable size with very minimalistic decoration. It was a room that looked very simple but was actually incredibly welcoming and perfectly outfitted for a seasoned traveller. The bed was very comfortable and in fact so much so that I actually sat down for a quick rest after travelling and ended up falling asleep instantly for a good hour. This left me in great shape for a night out on the town and my weekend ahead. There have been way too many hotels in my travels over the past two years that have looked amazing but have had beds that were harder than rocks. This is certainly not the case at the Nobis. 

From amazing breakfast buffets every morning, featuring everything from reindeer to freshly baked croissants, to long luxurious lunches on the piazza in front of the hotel, the Nobis offered a fabulous selection of food for its guests. Oh and I should also mention I was greeted in my room by a slice of heaven in the form of three chocolate truffles. Always a winning welcome if you ask me!

As far as location is concerned, you’ll be hard pressed to find a hotel that is better situated if you are looking to shop til you drop. If you were to come out of the hotel and walk in any direction you would find yourself on a key shopping street in Stockholm. It’s literally a stone’s throw from the department store NK, it shares a building block with Louis Vuitton and Gucci and is just a five minute walk from the waterfront. See what I mean by perfect location?

More details to come in Part Two of my Stockholm adventures… but if you are planning a shopping trip to Stockholm, I can highly recommend The Nobis for accommodation. Perfectly located, fabulous staff and very comfortable rooms (and wifi that is amazingly fast… it should be noted)!

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of the Nobis Stockholm for the weekend of 27th-29th July 2012.


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