Spending a spa day solo…easily said, easily done!

A Spa day for you and just you

You may think I’m crazy, but I very seldom indulge
in a traditional spa day where you venture out of your house and commit
yourself to a Spa for six hours.I find
I can’t really relax. Maybe it’s the idea that you are relaxing with a bunch of
women you don’t know, or perhaps it’s the idea that I have to follow certain
rules while I’m there. Who knows.

I do know there is one place, however, that I can
truly kick back and feel 100% in my natural element… my flat! It doesn’t happen
often, but when I can I try to earmark a day when I can kick back and just
spoil myself rotten with an entire day of indulgence. So here’s my recipe for a
day of personal R&R in your very own happy home….

  • Music. This is very
    important. You’re going to be laying back and relaxing with eyes closed a lot
    throughout the day, so make sure you have the right soundtrack for the event.
    Some people relax with Mozart, others prefer Metallic. I’m not here to judge.
    Pick something you really love and roll with it. Just make sure you can listen
    to it without getting up to switch to another song. Today is about as little
    effort as possible.
  • Food and drink. Cold cucumber water
    is a must for making you feel clean and refreshed. Martha Stewart will show you
    how it’s done (
    http://www.marthastewart.com/316984/cucumber-water) . For food, keep it fresh, clean and ready. Pick
    some favourite healthy and light picks in the fridge, prepared the night before
    on plates and ready to grab for ultimate relaxation. Nothing should come between
    you and your down time.
  • Comfort. Get out that big
    fluffy robe. It’s just you and the couch, darling. It’s all about comfort, not
    looking ready for a runway. Put your hair back, tied out of your face and use a
    headband if you need to. Find some comfy slippers as well! Make this day all
    about being extremely “soft”.
  • Products and facial tools. This really depends on what you love, use regularly or would like to
    indulge in. As you know already, I have to be careful with sensitive skin, so I
    keep things pretty in line with my Simple Skincare regime. I start my morning
    out with a good scrub with Simple’s Smoothing Facial Scrub (http://www.simpleskincare.com/our-products/cleansers/smoothing-facial-scrub),
    as I want to make sure I have a clear canvas to work from, and I want to get
    rid of all that “sleep” from my face.I
    then cover my face with a steaming hot washcloth, lay back and let my pores
    open right up to the world.From there I
    would suggest you pave your own way as far as products, etc. Just make sure
    that whatever you do you start with a clean face that’s ready to be pampered.
  • Bubble bath. For me, this is a
    must. If I’m going to have a pampering day it has to involve soaking in a bath
    for at least an hour. So if you have a bathtub, make use of it. Dress up the
    room with candles and soothing music. Then run yourself a direct route to
    heaven with warm water and perfect smelling salts or bubbles. There is no
    faster way to release the stress.
  • Ditch the phone, laptop and TV. Replace these vices with a great book you’ve been waiting to read, a
    magazine you’ve been eyeing up for weeks or a new CD you want to hear from
    start to finish without interruption.
  • Lock the door. This day is all about
    you. No kids, boyfriend, husband, family, etc. Indulge… you deserve it!

Honestly, it’s that easy. Just make time to enjoy you and your body. Life is short and you do deserve some quiet moments to reflect on what’s going on around you. If that means throwing on a robe and indulging for a few hours, so be it. Do what makes you feel great and enjoy every single second of it. After all, we only get one chance at this crazy life. 

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