Ryan Lochte’s trick to gaining more twitter followers? Just offer a free lunch.

Ryan Lochte‘s team has some serious social media know how behind it. Or could it be that this was Lochte’s idea all on his lonesome? The Olympic swimmer took to twitter this morning to announce a big incentive for fans to “follow” him. He tweeted, ” LOCHTE NATION! If I hit 1 million followers b4 I land on US soil tomorrow I’ll pick a random follower to fly out for a photo & lunch RETWEET.”

Now as I write this at 11:26pm GMT, Ryan has reach 996,778. Yesterday when this tweet was launched he had just over 900,000 fans. So with one tweet, Ryan’s promise of a personal photo and lunch launched a social media frenzy with over 66,000 retweets, 5,612 favourites and over 90,000 new followers. He’ll definitely reach one million before wheels even leave the ground, let alone touch down.

Forget buying fake accounts to get more followers, Lochte is proving all you have to do is offer a kick ass free travel and photo op. Wonder who’ll try this next? Just another lesson in social media and what works. Ryan Lochte and team get an A+ in class with this one! {Follow Ryan Lochte: https://twitter.com/ryanlochte}


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