Another reason to love plus size model Robyn Lawley… she has a food blog!

Robyn Lawley has recently inked a contract with Ralph Lauren, has appeared on countless magazine covers and seems to be taking the world of plus size modeling by storm these days. I’ve watched as this young woman has championed the average sized women (I say average as she only wears a US size 10) and I’ve cheered as she’s worked hard to change our view on what’s beautiful and what’s real. And today I discovered that this curvaceous beauty has another feather in her cap as a blogger. That’s right, we can call plus size model Robyn Lawley a fellow online junkie, only her passion is as far from fashion as you can get as she’s a food blogger. Appropriately named, Robyn Lawley Eats, the Tumblr is all about delicious recipes and features mouthwatering photography. While most “shares” are sourced from other Tumblrs, Robyn does share the occasional personal photo or experience. Definitely worth following this account for culinary inspiration. {}


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