Playing the tourist in Stockholm: Top ten suggestions

When I
wasn’t shopping in Stockholm, I had my tourist hat on and my camera in hand. I
had a little too much fun seeing the sights while trying to discover shopping hot spots. I did manage to do both successfully so that I could bring you a comprehensive report should you be planning a trip to Stockholm anytime soon. Without further ado, here’s my must do list,  a guide to Stockholm, from the tourist’s perspective:

  1. Buy an on/off boat pass for
    the day. This is like a water taxi around the many islands of Stockholm.
    However, unlike traditional taxis you’ll feel the wind blowing in your
    hair, enjoy the smell of fresh water and see scenery that will knock your socks off.
  2. If you’re a dry land sort of
    person, rent one of the city’s bicycles or go and take part in the daily
    bike tour of the city that leaves from the local hostel. Seeing Stockholm
    by bike is an amazing experience and it’s the best way to really get into
    the town. The water taxi can only take you so far, as you can imagine.
  3. Get lost in the old town, or Gamla Stan.
    It’s not huge so you probably won’t get lost but you know I’m speaking
  4. Spend long periods of time
    sitting in street-side cafes. People watch. Truly, there is never a dull
  5. Visit the Vasa Museum. A
    Swedish friend of mine told me to avoid it. He said it was a tourist trap
    so when I first arrived in Sweden I thought I’d give it a miss. Then I
    heard the history of this amazing vessel and figured I’d be missing out if
    I came all this way and didn’t pay it a visit. It is an incredible sight
    to behold and worth the walk along the water to get there. Indulge in an
    ice cream on the way back and enjoy the sunshine on your face. 
  6. Resist the urge to eat at TGIFridays. For some
    reason, this restaurant seems to be “the” place to eat on a Friday or Saturday
    night. I walked by and enquired as to the wait time… it was a 75 minute wait
    for a table! The place was buzzing and full of beautiful people drinking massive
    margaritas that I haven’t seen since I was back in the good ole’ USA. I was
    tempted to join in the fun but it felt so wrong to come so far only to act
    like an American. It seemed like such a cliché. However, if you’re a fan, there
    seems to be no shame in eating here in Stockholm.
  7. Buy a Stockholm Card. This should have actually been number on on the list. For less than £20 a day, you get free admission to over 80 museums and discounts on just about everything in the city. I found I had saved the £20 I would have spent on the pass (which was provided for me), in the first two hours I was in the city.  This will essentially be a lifesaver.
  8. Swing by the Royal Palace for a tour or a chance to glimpse one of the best looking Royal families in Europe… seriously they are all unbelievably gorgeous!
  9. If you are into photography, definitely do not miss a visit to Fotografiska. Go for the beautiful contemporary photography, stay for coffee on the roof. Not only do you see some of the most talented photographers displayed in the museum, you also have the best view of Stockholm from the bar!
  10. If you are with a big group of friends I highly recommend taking a half day, after visiting the Vasa Museum, and walking about five minutes over to Gröna Lund’s Amusement Park. You instantly become a kid again on the waterfront rides. Sounds like a ridiculous suggestion but trust me, it is way too much fun not to partake!

If you are a visuals person, here are a few snaps to illustrate my Must DO list!


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