Nicole Kidman’s rear end is the star of the show for V Magazine cover

Nicole Kidman‘s butt is the star of V Magazine‘s Fall 2012 cover. There’s no way to sugarcoat that one. It’s right there, staring you in the face as you read this. In fact, are you really reading this or still staring at this cover in disbelief. How on earth did V Magazine convince 45-year-old Nicole Kidman to pose with her ass cheeks hanging out on the cover? Truly I am torn on what to think here as Kidman looks nothing like herself and this all seems completely out of character. Photographer Mario Testino must have sweet talked her into it. That sly dog. He can get most women to do anything in front of the camera these days.

The V Magazine cover went live on their Facebook just two hours ago and thus far there have been neither likes nor comments. True, it’s early in the morning but could it be that people are stunned into silence? I certainly am…. [silence]


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