Catwoman and Wonder Woman battle it out on a Louis Vuitton bag

So you know how some people use actual canvases for painting? Well, one artist in London thought it would be a good idea to use a Louis Vuitton monogram bag as “canvas” for their superhero visions. Catwoman and Wonder Woman are seen having some sort of disagreement, resulting in tears, while it appears spiked Christian Louboutins and Hermes Birkin bags fly about in the distance. It’s featured in a store window alongside many other “interesting” fashion pieces.

If the artist happens to find this post… please do share with us who you are and what the story is that you are trying to share in this Louis Vuitton x Superhero moment.

Note: Apologies to twitter and instagram followers if you are seeing this twice… I shared this photo yesterday but couldn’t resist sharing again on the blog for those of you that might have missed it.


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