London’s top Lobster lunch at Burger & Lobster

At the moment it seems there are two restaurants Londoners are throwing around in conversations: Meat Liquor and Burger & Lobster. Having already tried Meat Liquor, I’ve been wanting to sink my teeth into Burger & Lobster for months now. The last summer Bank Holiday weekend seemed as good a time as ever so I organized a lunch for friends to taste the seaside in Soho.

Burger & Lobster on Dean Street is actually the second Burger & Lobster to open. You may remember they originally opened in Mayfair in a small space with very few tables and a massive population that wanted in on the game. Hence the latest location that is absolutely massive and seems to always have a table free should you want to slip in for lunch or dinner last minute.

As we took our seats we were presented with one menu and it was what I like to call the liquid lineup. There was everything from Coca-Cola to exotic cocktails but there wasn’t one mention of food. Seemed off for a place that is known for serving such amazing dishes. As it turns out, there’s no need for a menu as there are only three options and they are all priced at £20. The waiter takes your drink order and then explains your three choices:
1. 1.5 pound lobster that is served either grilled or steamed with fries and salad.
2. A burger, served as you like it with cheese, bacon or both, with fries and salad.
3. A lobster roll served with a Japanese mayo and lemon, with fries and salad.

Everyone at the table went for lobster, cooked as they preferred. I advised Mr. FFG to go with a steamed lobster with fresh drawn butter. I’m a bit of a lobster purist. I blame spending every summer of my life in Maine. There’s just nothing better than steamed lobster meat dripping in juicy butter.

Now I must say that I played around a bit with the lobster roll. Like I said, I’m a purist and I can’t have my lobster toyed with too much when it comes to seasoning. I became a nightmare for our waitress when I asked if it was possible to serve my lobster roll with plain Hellmann’s Mayo on the toasted roll. She rushed over to the kitchen to confirm this would be possible and came back with a smile and a promise to prepare the roll to my exact specifications. The end result was a lobster roll that might just be one of the best I have EVER had outside the state of Maine and absolutely worth every penny of the £20 paid.

If you are a fan of lobster this is a must visit restaurant in London. {Burger & Lobster}


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