London’s Best brunch with limitless champagne and all you can eat sushi

Last Sunday I treated a good friend to a champagne brunch at Aqua in London. Now you may remember I reviewed this brunch last year. At that time it was taking place in the Tapas portion of the restaurant and I was absolutely in love with every bit of how this brunch went down. I even went as far to call it the best brunch in London

Well I must say, the new version of the Aqua brunch is five times better and here’s why. First up, it’s not just tapas on offer. Aqua have combined both their restaurants, sushi and tapas, to give a more comprehensive offering in the food arena. All you can eat sushi must be the most dangerous thing on earth. With chefs making each piece fresh and right smack in front of you, it makes it even harder to stick to just a few pieces. 

Then we have the issue of the champagne. Not much has changed there. This is still the best bargain in London. Limitless champagne for the three hour brunch. Let me tell you, they never let the glass get even close to empty. The waitress was refilling our glasses with every other sip we took. Saying they were attentive would be a horrible understatement. The table behind us was getting very merry indeed. There must have been ten people having brunch together in one big party and you could tell they were some happy customers. The Aqua brunch is an indulgence, but it’s one I’d love to take advantage of every Sunday with a different girlfriend, or maybe Mr. FFG if he plays his cards right. 

Brunch info:

Sundays, 12pm-3pm

5th Floor, 240 Regent Street (entrance at 30 Argyll Street), Oxford Circus, London, W1B 3BR

Reservations: 020 7478 0540


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