Kim Kardashian marrying Kanye? Wearing Pucci?

Kim Kardashian is keeping gossip columnists busy today after a series of late night tweets. Kardashian shared with her nearly 16 million followers that she was having a late night spray tan, late night eyebrow wax and… wait for it… a late night fitting with a white dress from Pucci! This reality star knows exactly what she’s doing. Has there ever been a faster way to make sure you are written up on every gossip and fashion site out there? Yes, I know… I’ve fallen into the trap as well. But I like to think I’m writing it up more from a fashion angle as this is one slamming Pucci gown! And of course Kanye West must have picked it out as he is her official stylist now.

So is Kim Kardashian marrying Kanye West or is she just getting ready for a late summer P Diddy white party?


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