Kelly Macdonald, voice from Disney’s Brave, covers Red Magazine September 2012

Kelly Macdonald brave voice

Kelly MacDonald covers Red Magazine, September 2012. 

Kelly MacDonald is probably best known currently as the voice of Merida from Disney Pixar‘s latest film Brave. While she has, in the past, mainly played supporting roles in movies, Macdonald is enjoying time in the limelight after playing the lead role (voice) for 2012’s most successful movie thus far. She’s also being picked up by the fashion crew who are recognizing Kelly as a true Scottish beauty with alabaster skin and a fabulously petite figure.

Red Magazine chose this year’s heroine as their cover girl for the famed September issue. Dress in a tweed suit and sporting a strong red lip, this look is simple yet sharp and sophisticated. Red have definitely singled Kelly Macdonald out as one to watch! {Red Magazine}


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