Breaking: Katy Perry covers Elle September 2012 in Bottega Veneta

posted on: Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Katy Perry covers Elle September 2012.  The singer is the star of the 600+ page issue debuting purple streaked hair and a gorgeous Bottega Veneta dress for the issue's cover. This is definitely a bold new look for the magazine in which they seem to be embracing a more edgy and playful fashion. It will definitely stand out on shelves this month!

Katy speaks...

On relationships and marriage:
“I obviously have a lot to say right now…I’m a woman who likes to be courted – strongly.  Never say never, I guess you’d say.  I’ll let love take the lead on that.”

On her career:
“I love what I do, and when I don’t love what I do, I’ll make a change…I can’t be the candy queen forever.”

On being a role model:
“I have no regrets…I’m not going to be everything to everyone.  I can’t tell a person when it’s time for them to have sex.  Or if they should have a cigarette…But I try to live my life with a lot of integrity, and, hopefully, that sends a message.”
Images courtesy of Elle