Giving the toes much needed attention at Paul Edmonds

Listen up Knightsbridge ladies, there’s only one place you should trust your mitts and toesies to this summer. Paul Edmonds is offering a state of the art salon, away from the hustle and bustle of the summer crowds, where you can escape and find pedicure and manicure bliss.

After neglecting my nails for six weeks the brave specialist at Paul Edmonds attacked my feet tactfully. I expected her to recoil and squeeze her eyes together in utter shock and disgust but nothing was further from the truth. She kindly soaked my tattered toes and invited me to sit back and relax as she performed what can only be defined as a miracle. I lost myself in the moment and actually did forget where I was. That was of course until an A list celebrity passed behind me. Whoa, where did HE come from?! Such is the case at Paul Edmonds where you are just as likely to run into an A-lister as you are a member of “Made in Chelsea.”

So not only will you be hobnobbing it with the rich and famous (kidding, kidding), you’ll also come out looking like you totally belong in one of their social circles. I haven’t tried the famous Paul Edmonds blow dry yet but by the looks of it this is one experience I have to sign up for. Oh, and if you are an A-list celebrity you should know that the salon offers private rooms for all services so should you want to stay out of the public eye this is a possibility.

To book an appointment at Paul Edmonds:
020 7589 5958


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