First Look: Victoria’s Secret New Bond Street, London… touring the store

London Victoria's secret store new bond street

It seems we’ve been waiting for this moment for light years now… the Victoria’s Secret New Bond Street will open to the general public tomorrow morning at 10am and I have no doubt that the lines will be around the block to get in. Victoria’s Secret gave Fashion Foie Gras a tour of the store before it opens to the general public and what we found was impressive, to say the least.

The Victoria’s Secret New Bond Street store is set over four floors and covers 40,386 feet. It is massive. This flagship store includes everything from Victoria’s Secret Pink to Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection, so really there’s something for every price point here. If lingerie’s not your game, you’ll find loungewear, fragrances and body care scattered throughout. Or perhaps the Angels’ iconic wings and outfits worn during the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will pull you inside this New Bond Street hot spot. It’s like a lingerie museum in there and we love it.

What I’m trying to say is that there’s plenty here to shop and see and trust me when I say your boyfriends or husbands will have no problem coming along for the ride. Everywhere you turn you’re surrounded by images of supermodels aka Victoria Secret Angels. Even the staircase showcases a two-storey video screen playing footage of everything from shows to behind-the-scenes on commercials. It’s a true feast for the eyes.

Then there are the fitting rooms. Each floor boasts more fitting rooms than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and each one is completely unique. Along with the rooms themselves, there are several attendants on hand to help you with fitting or grabbing a different size for you. There’s even a handy bell to request assistance so you don’t have to come out in your bra and knickers for the whole world to see. Thank goodness!

So 10am, tomorrow, 29th August 2012… Victoria’s Secret New Bond Street officially opens. Will you be there? Should you need a bit more of a push, here are some store images to set the mood…

Note: Sorry for the less than wonderful pictures here. We were only allowed to capture everything using mobile phones.


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