FFG Indulges: Sunday Brunch at Raoul’s London, Hammersmith Grove

I’ve been meaning to write about Raoul’s on Hammersmith Grove for some time now. After moving to Brook Green in West London nearly three months ago I’ve been on the hunt for my perfect Sunday brunch spot. It’s important to get this location correct. It’s where you’ll meet friends for catch-ups, take visitors to London for long leisurely Sundays and where you’ll find comfort in a large cup of joe after a big Saturday night out.

Following one rather large night out two months ago, a good friend suggested that Mr. FFG and I make our way just down the road for brunch to a place we hadn’t yet sampled… Raoul’s. Apparently this “gourmet cafe” had the “best blueberry pancakes in London“. At least that was what our friend was saying as he licked his lips in memory of his last meal there. I’ll never say no to pancakes, however I’ve yet to find a place in London that serves a proper American flapjack I can get really get behind. So off we went to Raoul’s in Hammersmith. On our first visit I sampled these highly recommended cakes and I can say that although the serving size was rather small for what we paid, they were perfectly delicious. Problem was, I could have eaten six more and probably remained hungry. They weren’t what I would call a proper stack of American pancakes, but beggars can’t be choosers here.

I must say, however, that the atmosphere at Raoul’s reminds me of brunch in New York City. In fact, I heard so many American accents I actually forgot where I was for a moment. There is a delightful feel to the place. If it’s a sunny day, as it was today, it’s glorious setting is only magnified. You feel as if you could remain there for hours taking in the sun and filling your stomach with sugary treats and large mimosas.

For today’s brunch I went for the French Toast, while Mr. FFG went for the Full English Breakfast with a buttered croissant on the side. The French Toast was simple but delicious while Mr. FFG didn’t seem too impressed by the Full English offering. Perhaps this sort of order is better left to the local cafes that special in a greasy hangover solution. Regardless of the choices, the day had a magnificent start and I put that down to, again, atmosphere and also great company.

While I love taking brunch with only Mr. FFG by my side, I do recommend visiting Raoul’s with a large group whenever possible. The location and setup is perfect for big get-togethers where the bloody mary’s keep coming and the conversation has no end in sight.

My only warning comes in the form of penny pinching. If you are on a budget, beware getting too excited by the enticing menu options and wonderful looking juices and cocktails. Raoul’s is by no means a place that can be considered a cheap eat in London. But hey, we only live once and really shouldn’t we do so in style with great feasts before us? Worth the splurge for a great Sunday with good pals.{Raoul’s Hammersmith}


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