Fashion News Update: Apparently Ryan Lochte DOES NOT have one night stands, $250,000 for nail polish and How to Spot a PR Girl

  • Ryan Lochte’s mom was quoted as saying her son preferred one night stands to relationships. Well, she’s retracted her statement and replaced it with something that basically says the same thing…although she claims she’s not used to talking to the media so it came out the wrong way. Ummm… ok? {The Cut}
  • How much are you willing to pay for a kick-ass nail polish? Does $250,000 sound ok? Yes, this is really happening… {Styleite}
  • Every wonder what to do with that extensize t-shirt collection that’s just sitting in the closet? How about using them to make statement necklaces? Hello, Christmas presents! {Refinery 29}
  • More Ryan Lochte news… apparently he has his pick-up line for Blake Lively all sorted! {Styleite}
  • Jackie Dixon captures a fashion editor’s closet… instant love and a new respect for Closer Magazine {Show me your wardrobe}
  • How do you spot a PR girl in NYC? Here’s your cheat sheet… {NYC PR Girls}

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