Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment floor plan… all sketched out

Carrie Bradshaw closet

Carrie Bradshaw apartment floorplan

This morning I’m a little bit distracted by one of the most fabulous drawings I’ve seen in sometime…a sketch of the floorplan of Carrie Bradshaw’s Manhattan apartment from Sex & The City. I’ve printed it and placed it in the “Manhattan Apartment” file. Yes, I actually have one of those and this layout would be the dream.

But let’s be honest, was Carrie really making enough cash to cover the cost of such an extravagent crash pad? All signs point to no. Styleite took a closer look at how much it would cost to live in such an apartment. They found that the monthly rent on such an apartment would be $2,800 and the apartment itself was recently on the market for nearly $10 million…in real life! And let’s not even start talking about how much her wardrobe must have cost to put together. Either our Carrie Bradshaw was a secret trust fund baby or she was getting paid more than any journalist we’ve ever known.

{Floorplan image: Shortlist}


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