Boots to buy now from Topshop perfect late summer, pre fall and autumn winter!

As the September issues land with a great thump on our doorsteps in the coming weeks, we’re all starting to make our lists on what to buy for the new season ahead. Some pieces, like heavy sweaters and thick coats, will have to be put away until the first signs of winter. However, some pieces you can wear as soon as you buy!

These fabulous Percival Cut Riding Boots from Topshop are the perfect example of such a purchase. They can be worn now, when the leaves start to fall and even when the first snow flakes appear. They are a wonderful modern interpretation of a classic riding boot that will definitely be a big hit. It helps that they are also only £150 as opposed to a similar boot that would, let’s just say, sell for sometimes ten times more in other shops.


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