Comfortably blogging…finally (Thanks to Herman Miller)!

A bit of a domestic disturbance has recently come into play in the FFG household and it all has to do with one new Herman Miller Aeron Chair. While I am eternally grateful to Wellworking London for changing my life with this chair, I’m afraid you may also be costing me a future with this relationship. Of course, I say this in jest…slightly. 

It’s been a constant battle since Herman Miller came into our lives. The Wellworking crew delivered the latest member of our fine furniture family,  set it up perfectly to fit my requirements for my workspace and massive long legs. I had thought this would prove to be a challenge. Seems they’ve seen bigger problems. I was home alone at the time and had a few hours to myself with the beauty in complete and utter silence. It was just me, the Aeron and my computer. Then the banker came home. 

Mr. FFG took one look at the chair and said, oh so sweetly, “mind if I have a go?” This was when I should have turned to him and said, “oh it’s horrible and really uncomfortable. I’d hate for you to throw your back out with this chair.” Instead, I told the truth. Dumb of me, I know. I told him I’d been sitting for three hours solid and hadn’t felt even remotely uncomfortable or any need to get up and move around.  This in itself is extremely dangerous. I’m now finding myself blogging for six hours straight without moving. That can’t be good for anyone, well except for you folks enjoying the fruits of my labour.

I’ve had the chair now for just over a month and I can easily say it’s worth every penny it costs. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sit in another office chair comfortably again. Long gone are the days of going to Ikea and grabbing the nicest looking chair. Turns out it’s all about being able to customise a perfectly put together chair and as far as my research tells me, there’s no other chair out there worth even looking at if it doesn’t have a Herman Miller brand name attached to it. And do they ever customise the chair just for you. I had to fill out an entire questionnaire, which the experts at Wellworking then analysed and told me which chair was perfect for all my “office needs.”

So here’s the good news. Once the official FFG office is up and running there will be only Herman Miller chairs for one and all. Although there may be a risk of writers never leaving the office. Seriously, they are that comfortable. Don’t believe me… call Wellworking and they’ll sort you out! { /


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