An Iris Apfel documentary is coming… here’s the first preview!

Iris Apfel. Fashion Icon. Accessories Queen. Entreprenuer… and that’s just the beginning.

Iris Apfel is a woman that is actual fashion. I mean she takes the word and transforms it into a living, breathing object. Her fashion is brave, bold and 100% all about her and what she looks and feels great in. She’s a reminder for us all of what fashion really should stand for. Now, she has a documentary coming out that is taking a closer look at her life and the ways in which she has participated in the creative world. If there were ever a new release to get excited about, this is the one.

Iris Apfel is 91-years old and her little finger still possesses more style and creativity than most of us have as a whole in our entire lives. Yet, she’s still preaching that all of us can find that style and grace with fashion if we are true to ourselves. Here’s a look at why we’re excited to take a closer look at Iris and her life…

Image: From The Iris Apfel MAC Collection


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