Addicted to saving money at Bicester Village…plain and simple

Bicester Village is my kryptonite. I’ve written about this fashion heaven before (actually I’ve written a few times about my enjoyable afternoons and sometimes weekends shopping here). However, I thought it high time to remind you all once again that a retail escape lies within our reach.

Last weekend, I was in a bit of a panic as I’d been invited away for a big event that required some elegant attire and I wasn’t “feeling it” with my current closet. That being said, I was also looking at my American Express bill and coming to the realisation that a quick trip down Bond Street would probably lead to bailiffs visiting my house. So of course Bicester popped into my head. Visions of 90% off signs in designer windows made my heart leap out of my chest with joy. I don’t believe I’ve ever left this designer mecca without at least three bags in hand. It’s impossible. One look at their designer store selection and I think you’ll understand why. The Alexander McQueen store alone had me wondering what I had done to deserve such marvellous discounts.

Bottom line, Bicester saved my bacon… and cash. So I suppose this is a bit of thank you letter to the shopping streets of Bicester to say “You’re simply the best.” Oh, and Mr. FFG says thanks for the super fabulous high heels I managed to pick up while in residence..I think he’s beginning to wonder how he ended up with a girl that’s four inches taller than him in towering heels. For more info on Bicester Village and planning your summer escape visit

This post was created in partnership with Bicester Village.


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