A Taste of Noma at Claridge’s: An unforgettable experience

A Taste of Noma at Claridge’s…where to start with this review? I suppose I should start by warning you that this is mostly a picture based culinary review. The reason being that I have been left absolutely speechless by the experience I had yesterday at Claridge’s in London. You would think that after eating and drinking for three hours I would have more than enough to say, but truly I believe that no matter what I write here I can never hope to convey even one one-hundredth of my sheer amazement at what took place in Claridge’s famed ballroom with Noma in residence. Nonetheless, here’s a little background for what you are about to witness…

Noma, the two Michelin star restaurant located in Copenhagen, has been voted The World’s Best Restaurant for three years running. The chef, Rene Redzepi, is truly a living, breathing legend. He has transformed Nordic food completely and continues to push the boundaries of gastronomical arts on a daily basis in his kitchen. He is an artistic genius when it comes to creating a dish that tells the tale of your surroundings. In every video or article I have ever come into contact with concerning Rene Redzepi, I have always felt that he put such importance on making sure that what you have on your plate is the best possible flavour that nature can offer. The ingredients are picked by the man himself, foraged if you will. He then challenges our thinking with each new creation and brings the outdoors in and straight to your tastebuds. 

For London, you can imagine that Rene Redzepi would have to look further afield around the whole of the UK to find the right elements to reflect our surroundings. And that’s exactly what he did. Throughout our dining experience I regularly heard my neighbours whisper with great enthusiasm where they were instantly transported as they took in smells and allowed their tastebuds to wander. 

The Noma chefs, including Rene Redzepi, were all there to walk us through each and every dish as they were delivered to our table. We were treated to a different wine with every course, courtesy of the talented sommelier on staff, and we were constantly on the edge of our seats waiting to see what would be placed before us next. I won’t ruin any surprises as I do believe the pictures herewith tell the tale so much more thoroughly than I could ever hope to do using words. Although, just one hint… ANTS

I will say that I am deeply saddened that this was only a pop-up restaurant, existing for a mere two weeks in Claridge’s. Noma, chefs and all, will soon return to Copenhagen and leave us dreaming of an experience that may never be replicated. Over 10,000 people attempted to get tickets for this pop-up and with a small allocation of spaces for two seatings a day, over two weeks, you can imagine there are some sad faces around London and the world this week. However, I do hope that the pictures and this review will encourage you to pack your bags and make the journey to Copenhagen to try out Noma in its natural habitat.

Before we get into the “Noma Coma” (that’s what I’m calling it as I’m completely entranced by this man and his abilities in the kitchen), I must say a massive thank you to Nicholas Oakwell (of course, of the famous Nicholas Oakwell Couture) and the wonderfully charming team at Claridge’s for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing and unforgettable afternoon. 

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