Winding down in Worthing, England, this weekend

This weekend I needed a break away from London but I couldn’t stray far as I still had about ten hours of work to do before the week started. So, on Sunday morning Mr. FFG and I pulled out a map and looked at where we could get to by driving just one hour outside of London. Brighton was the first option but we knew that as this was the first sunny day of the summer we wouldn’t find a rock to share between us on the beach. So we chose a place we had both never been before – the seaside town of Worthing

We walked along the promenade, rode the bumper cars, fell asleep in the sun on the striped loungers and people watched for what seemed like forever. It didn’t feel like an hour away from London, it felt like a whole world away. Smelling the sweet sea mixed with the smell of fish and chips from the chippie shop and feeling the warm sun on my face as kids tore around us on scooters and bikes was exactly what I needed to take my mind away from absolutely everything. Worthing may not be the number one destination for holiday-ers in the UK, but it was a perfect solution to all of my problems this weekend. The people were lovely, the sea was beautiful and the small town, which at some spots looked like it needed just a bit more love, was charming and completely relaxing.

Here’s a look at five hours in Worthing, England.


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