Why am I up at 5am? I’m jetting off to Stockholm to go shopping…

It’s 5am and I’m about to head to the airport in London. I’m dreading this as I think everyone and their brother is making their way through the airports at the moment to get here for the Olympics. I’m hoping that will mean that going against the grain will give me less trouble, not more. 

Anyway, I’m flying off to Stockholm to go shopping. Alright, it’s not all that easy but that’s the best way I know how to describe it all right now. I’ll be tweeting, tumblring and Facebooking throughout the weekend. So should you feel so inclined, make sure to follow me on the FFG social networks (see below). Or just wait until next week for a rundown of all that was discovered in Sweden, besides the gorgeous blonde men…hello, Alexander Skarsgard look alikes!

Sorry about the lack of updates here for now (will try and get some work done tonight in the hotel), but there are plenty to be found as I report live from….

Twitter – www.twitter.com/fashionfoiegras

Facebook- www.facebook.com/fashionfoiegras

Tumblr – http://fashionfoiegras.tumblr.com/

{Ps. Shout out to Coco’s Tea Party for showing me the LV Mono way!}


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