Video: Paul Simon sings Sound of Silence in Hyde Park…not a dry eye in the house

I dare you not to shed a tear watching Paul Simon sing Sound of Silence in Hyde Park…

Last night I joined tens of thousands of Paul Simon fans in London’s Hyde Park to celebrate the absolutely phenomenal musician. It’s been 25 years since his album Graceland was released and this concert was a celebration of the classics with the original musicians present who participated in making the album back in the 1980’s. To say the concert was a memorable one would be the understatement of the year. 

Graceland is an album that most people know, whether you are 16 or 80, and the age range at the concert accurately reflected these numbers. We were surrounded by people in their seventies who had come with three generations of family members. Then there were the usual festival goers who looked more like they were headed to Glastonbury than to the corner of Hyde Park. However, we all swayed together as Paul serenaded us with light melodies. We also cheered and jumped up and down as one when Paul Simon’s finale “Call Me Al” began to play. It was a night I will never forget and I can pretty much guarantee any other fellow concert goer would say the same. Here’s a few pics from the afternoon’s festivities which turned into a long walk west after it all came to an end following not one but two encores from Paul Simon.


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