Terry De Havilland heels on sale at Cocosa, up to 62% off

Shoe lovers rejoice. This Wednesday, the 25th July, the first ever sale of Terry De Havilland hits Cocosa and there are massive discounts off up to 62%. That means both shoes you see above were priced at upwards of £485 and are now both £195. Gosh darn it, I love a good sale! Just a reminder for shoe collectors, Terry De Havilland was one of the first major shoe designers. He was the first that the celebs flocked to and is loved by every big name in the industry from Jerry Hall to Kate Moss. So you see, this sale is sort of a big deal as it’s the first of its kind.  So tie a string around your finger, ink the date on your wrist or maybe just put a reminder in your calendar. But show up to check out the selection.

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