Forbes releases a video on how to spend money in Montauk… was this ever a difficult thing?

The reporter for Forbes begins this video with the most random quote ever. She says, “We’re here in Montauk, one of the most affluent zip codes on the East Coast. Now you may think it’s easy to spend your money here but it’s actually not that easy.” Oh really? Last time we checked it was one of the easiest places on earth to drop a couple million, on real estate alone. Anyway, I digress. The video then goes on to show you that living the high life in Montauk can actually cost the world and then some. So I guess that first quote didn’t make any sense at all? In concluding the video the reporter contradicts herself again and she says it’s very “understated and casual and that’s how everybody here likes it”…as she’s driving her Bentley. Hmmm…

Bottom line, here’s a good guide for those of you headed out of NYC with ten million bucks in your back pocket… in case you were having trouble figuring out how to spend it!


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