Ralph Lauren mixes it up with Avicii for Denim & Supply

Well this is a new look for Ralph Lauren and one that is unexpectedly fabulous. When I first heard Avicii was partnering with the brand I wasn’t sure how this would all play out. He seemed young, street and all about “Ibiza”. Basically it wasn’t anything I would immediately pair up with Ralph Lauren.  However, this isn’t Ralph Lauren Collection we are talking about. This collaboration is for a younger and hipper Ralph buyer and is labelled Denim & Supply.

This Swedish sensation, and yes..his looks are sensational, fits right in as the face of the new brand. As Avicii puts it, “I express myself through my music and what I wear. Most days you can find me in jeans and a flannel shirt, so to me, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren fits my lifestyle and aesthetic. It’s been a great collaboration and I’m honored to be a partner with them.”

Check out the collection in action in this teaser for Avicii’s reworked single “Silhouettes”, which will be released in full later this summer, thanks to Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. I’m suddenly overcome with an urge to whip out my vintage Ralph Lauren and bust a move! Great track and incredible styling. Autumn Winter can’t come soon enough.


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