Neiman Marcus shoots “The Book” in London…

One of the toughest adjustments to living out the USA at the moment comes in the form of slim pickings in the mail each day. I miss my big chunky American clothing catalogues that would arrive by the bucket load each and every day. No such luck here in the UK. 

Only thank heavens for Neiman Marcus! These smartie pants have put their catalogues in full online for the whole world to drool over. While it’s not the same as running your hands over the magazine, it’s a close second and it works from a far. Be warned, however, as these catalogues can lead to uncontrollable spending.

Neiman Marcus’ latest “The Book” is definitely worthy of special mention today, especially for all my ex-pats living here alongside me in London. This season, Neiman Marcus came to London to shoot their fashion editorial. Heaven, just heaven….

Check out the full Neiman Marcus catalogues online now.

All images from Neiman Marcus’ The Book


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