Los Angeles Times Magazine says goodbye…closes all social media accounts with notes to readers

It’s a very sad day today indeed as the Los Angeles Times Magazine has officially shuttered not only their magazine but their social media accounts. That makes things just about as official as a funeral these days. When Twitter and Facebook die, what’s left?! It means you’re really gone. On their Facebook page, the LA Times left a final note with an image of their final cover featuring Blake Lively (seen above):

offs are never easy, and this one is no different. For almost four
years an incredibly talented group of editors, designers, writers,
photographers and illustrators took a tremendous amount of joy in
producing this magazine every month.

We embraced the adoption
of social media as a way to engage our readers in an interactive
dialogue that had been virtually impossible until its introduction.

Often the magazine’s arrival on its readers’ doorsteps was just the
beginning of the conversation. How wonderful was that? Additionally,
Facebook gave us a reach beyond our geographic limitations as a local
publication. Because, really, Los Angeles is the center of many, many
things. (And who would have ever thought that major league hockey was
one of them?)

But, the magazine has ceased publication. And
with it the need for its Facebook outreach. This will be the last
posting to the page. It has been an honor and a privilege. I’ll leave
you with one more thought: this magazine’s talented staff has scattered;
and some have landed at some pretty big name titles. Don’t be surprised
to see the same creative DNA pop up in the Facebook pages of other
publications. Until then, goodbye for now.

–The Editors .”

And on their twitter we found this final note:

It is tough indeed to say goodbye to one of our favourite Sunday supplements. Over the years there have been so many iconic covers from Christina Hendricks to Kerry Washington.

We do hope all the staff land on their feet, but truly this was an incredible team so we have no doubt that they will in fact pop up here, there and everywhere!

As one of our favourite Sunday supplements, 


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