Lord & Taylor sponsors Project Runway for 10th season…social media amplifier, sales driver and all around success story ahead?

Project Runway Lord Taylor

Project Runway is undergoing a bit of a change for the 10th anniversary season that is upon us. Next season Heidi Klum and her designers extraordinaire will be sponsored by Lord & Taylor. No word yet on just how often we’ll be seeing that Lord & Taylor logo flashing across the screen but WWD have reported that contestants will be accessorising each look with a wall of shoes, handbags, etc exclusively from the department store.Obviously what Project Runway gets out of this is the sponsorship, AKA money and product. But what’s in it for Lord & Taylor?

First of all, we know that Lord & Taylor‘s Fashion’s Night Out will be stepped up a level as they are hosting past contestants from Project Runway as part of the deal. We’ll also see their name mentioned every challenge as the contestants choose from the “Lord & Taylor Wall”. There may even be a few challenges that take place in store. Sales will be monitored and accounts guys will report that Lord & Taylor made a good decision moving forward on the deal.

What will be interesting to watch, however, is the growth in Lord & Taylor’s social networks. This will happen in real time for the whole world to see. At the moment they sit with just over 222,000 facebook fans and 22,000 twitter followers. If you compare that to one of their main competitors, say Saks Fifth Avenue, they are over 100,000 behind in facebook fans and 90,000 behind in twitter followers. Here’s where things could get interesting. Let’s look at the fan bases for the judges of the Project Runway panel:

  • Heidi Klum -1.2 million facebook fans and 822,015 twitter followers
  • Michael Kors -1.1 million facebook fans and 793,976 twitter followers
  • Tim Gunn – 149,000 facebook fans and 35,126 twitter followers
  • Nina Garcia – 103,000 facebook fans 461,687 twitter followers

The numbers pretty much speak for themselves. If you were to consider Heidi Klum’s and Michael Kors’ fan base alone, you can see how such a partnership would be an incredible “upper” for all of Lord & Taylor’s social media. All it takes is one or two tweet from Heidi & Co. and you’re going to see those numbers soar…if, of course, such a deal has been worked into the contract as it seems no one tweets for free these days!

Bring on the tenth season and the revival of a great department store, I say!


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