Karl Lagerfeld’s cat has a twitter account

Looks like Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette not only has a bag named after it but also has a twitter account! As of today, it is still unclear if this is a faux or real twitter account belonging to the Lagerfeld family. We do know Karl is obsessed with his cat as he seems to talk about Choupette more than anything else these days. 

Grazia asked Karl Lagerfeld last night, at the launch of his Karl collection at Selfridges, if he would consider designing outfits for Choupette to which he replied, “She hates anything attached to her body, not even her neck. Nothing! No,
No. Her fur is so beautiful. She’s like a huge powderpuff with blue
People are stunned by her! I’ve done stories about her with Harper’s
Bazaar, V Magazine with Laticia Casta and for W Magazine. I think it’s
fun. Soon people will talk more about Choupette than about me!”

I rest my case… Choupette is the new Chanel poster child! And it seems she has quite a following online with over 10,000 followers and growing! 

One to follow: Choupette

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