Introducing Seasalt Cornwall… a brand that makes me want to up sticks and move southwest!

nautical skirt

I’ve been toying with how exactly to introduce you all to Seasalt Cornwall. In fact, I’ve been waiting for a sunny day to make this formal introduction, but alas, England just isn’t getting a summer this year. So here we go, despite the rainy weather, let me open your eyes to a brand that will outfit you come rain or shine! With shops dotted around the Southwest of England and a new concession in John Lewis stores, Seasalt Cornwall is set to quickly become a nationwide household name.

At this point you’re probably asking, “what makes these guys different?” To be honest, I’m not quite sure where to start. I was initially attracted to the brand because of my love for all things nautical in clothing. It was a preppy heaven with a pinch of good ole British oceanfront goodness. The prices are incredibly reasonable and it’s a homegrown UK company. These are the things I loved before discovering so many other unique tidbits that  make Seasalt Cornwall a company that stands out from the rest.

After digging around their online shop for a while, not only did I uncover dozens of garments I’d love to own immediately, but I also uncovered some other details on this family run business that left me feeling even more compelled to complete a purchase. From an environmental standpoint, Seasalt Cornwall is at the top of their game. For starters, in their spring summer collection, nearly 60% of their cotton garments were organically produced. And for those of your shrugging your shoulders on the importance of such a statement, Seasalt have created a whole story around their Organic Cotton Journey. In addition to this, they’ve also developed their own weather resistant organic cotton garments which are perfect for the rather unfortunate weather we’re all experiencing over here at the moment!

Let’s also discuss the fact that Seasalt Cornwall has their own in house print designer.  That means the prints are unique to them, the boat print featured above being my own personal favourite for the season. After seeing the pictures of their in house designer, Sophie Chadwick, working at her desk with the most idyllic views I’ve ever seen, I can understand why their prints are so appealing. What a magical place from which to seek inspiration.

Bottom line here is this: Seasalt Cornwall is a brand that actually makes me want to move to Cornwall, purchase their entire collection as my local wardrobe and call it quits entirely in the big city. When was the last time a fashion line made YOU feel like that??? These guys aren’t just selling a piece of clothing, they really are selling a way of life, a natural simplicity, and it’s one that you can feel as soon as you throw on a sailor tee or 1950’s inspired skirt with a unique print.


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