Find your Olympic athlete body match thanks to new app from the BBC

As you watch the 2012 London Olympics, do you find yourself asking “I wonder if that Olympian is about the same size as me.” Well, maybe you do or maybe you don’t. Whatever the case, the BBC has brought us an app where you can now put in your height and weight and see exactly which Olympian is comparable. 

Now a few words of warning here. More likely than not, the weight of these athletic heroes comes mostly from muscle. So if you are sitting there feeling rather smug that you are the same height as, say, Missy Franklin, but weigh ten pounds less… let’s just say maybe you don’t have a reason to feel too smug. This is a fun little adventure and a great motivator to get in shape, if I ever saw one. Just imagine how you’d feel if you put in height and weight only to find that you are the same size as a sumo wrestler. Forget BMI calculators… the BBC Olympic Athlete Body Match is my new calculator! {BBC Olympic Athlete Body Match}


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