Fashion News Update: Style Bubble takes on Port Eliot, Kate Moss designs a jockey outfit and American Apparel’s main man goofs.

  • Some of the best coverage I have seen on the Port Eliot festival. Beautifully written and lovely pictures to boot (oh and check out Liberty London Girl’s coverage too if you can’t get enough) {Style Bubble}
  • Kate Moss has designed a jockey outfit, no really… Kate Moss has actually designed a jockey outfit. {Catwalk Queen}
  • Remember Wet Seal? The store that was like Forever 21 until Forever 21 opened and took over? Well, they are in a spot of trouble since that has happened with some serious sale slide. {Jezebel}
  • The Financial Times has lunch with Stella McCartney. Some great quotes in here but I won’t ruin it for you. Just a must read! {Financial Times}
  • A great story in which the head of American Apparel, Dov Charney, reveals he really is a bit of a doofus..and needs to hire someone to read his emails more carefully before speaking to the press. {The Cut}

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