Eating in a sex shop: La Bodega Negra in Soho, London

posted on: Thursday, 12 July 2012

Soho restaurants london
La Bodega Negra had a rocky introduction to London society. Famed food critic A.A. Gill wrote a review that would cause most restaurants to shutter the day after publication. However, the joke's on Gill. La Bodega Negra is currently the hottest ticket in town. Perhaps it's the restaurants disguise that is capturing the attention of London's elite. It's not everyday that you have to walk into a space that's advertised as a sex shop/ peep show but is in reality a restaurant in Soho serving Mexican Food. In fact, I've never had to do such a thing.

As I waited for my dinner guests to arrive, I watched with great amusement as well dressed couples sheepishly approached the front door, tugged on the handle and moved as fast as their feet would take them when they discovered the restaurant had not yet opened for the night. There was no lingering here. Heaven forbid someone you know should recognise you waiting in line for the next sex show to start. However, people in "the know" would of course realise you are waiting for a table at "the" place to be at the moment.

While the setup was by and large my favourite part of the experience, the food itself was surprisingly delicious. La Bodega Negra seems to be the Marmite of London restaurants at the moment. You either love it or hate it. I'm siding with the "love" crowd and if it wasn't so packed constantly I would happily make this a regular haunt. While it is a tad expensive, you won't be disappointed with the food. I highly recommend the guacamole to start,  with a margarita or two(the watermelon is fantastic). Then skip the main courses and instead opt for a plethora of tacos to share amongst friends. This is where the place really shines. Don't miss desert. The frozen berries with piping hot white chocolate is to die for!

Bottom line for this basement brothel: a must experience when in London!