Dodo charms this London blogger with a golden goose!

Charming.” That is the word I would use to describe the jewellery brand Dodo. I was introduced to the brand yesterday when I spied with my little eye a beautiful golden goose just sitting there begging for the right person to claim it as their own. The magic of Dodo, however, does not stop there. Each and every golden Dodo charm, from the beautiful goose to the oh so adorable dachshund, has a special meaning. So when you buy the charm for yourself or gift it to a special friend you aren’t just giving a beautiful piece, you are giving something that has a great deal of thought behind it and identifies the owner. Imagine an animal and I’ll put myself out there and say that Dodo most likely have a charm for that!

I’m putting a date in my diary to pop into the London store this weekend ( 31 Sloane Square, SW1) to purchase this charm which will hang around my neck from now until FFG exists no longer. I’m hoping that’s a heck of a long time. My golden goose apparently means “Let’s Play.” I like to think that will encourage my competitive streak!

Oh, and don’t forget their charm bracelets… just saying… fabulous!


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