Did Chanel really make a Keira Knightley figurine necklace?

Did Chanel really make a Keira Knightley figurine necklace?… That’s the question I’m asking as I’m looking at this listing on eBay for a “Genuine CHANEL necklace with figure of Keira Knightley on long silver chain.” You all remember the Coco Mademoiselle advert where Kiera rides her motorcycle off into the sunset in a full body leather ensemble, right? Well little did we all know that Chanel might have promoted the video by perhaps gifting little Keira figure necklaces? 

Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to carry Keira Knightley close to your heart and Chanel around your neck, this might be just be your auction. It’s going for a steal at only £5.50!

Image: eBay


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