Christian Louboutin explains toe cleavage, transforms a classic tune and explains the Cinderella effect

Christian Louboutin talks all things sex appeal in this latest video starring the footwear fairy godfather. From detailing the max arch of a woman’s foot, and how he’s made his way around that, to defining the Cinderella effect, I think this video may just cause you to fall in love with Christian Louboutin just as you have his creations. In fact, I wish I could turn his little song, “Ain’t no high heel high enough” into my permanent ring tone for all incoming industry calls….may just happen. 

Christian Louboutin even talks about the sometimes controversial subject of toe cleavage, detailing the three areas of a woman’s body where cleavage is possible.

And of course one of our most memorable quotes from Louboutin is featured in the video in which CL states, “The heart of my work is not to please women, but to please men.” Judging by the amount of men in the city these days that can identify a Louboutin at the drop of a hat, I think Louboutin may be winning the battle on that front.


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