Christian Louboutin debuts Cinderella’s slipper, which is NOT made of glass

A while back FFG announced that Christian Louboutin was working with Disney to create a shoe fit for a princess… well, one specific princess actually. Louboutin was in fact designing a shoe for one Miss Cinderella (or “Cinderellie” to good friends).  Glass slippers are so dangerous and everyone knows a princess prefers a red sole. 

Well, the moment for the big reveal has finally come and we’re pleased to share with you today not only pictures of the shoe itself but also the sketches behind the creation.

Louboutin’s press release describes the shoe:

“Delicate lace adorned with crystals gives these slippers an enchanting look. Two sparkling butterflies rest prettily on the shoes, one landing on the vamp while the other sits closely behind atop of the crystal covered heel, gently brushing the ankle. Louboutin’s signature red soles add the final dash of excitement as Cinderella’s slippers come alive. “

No news yet as to the price point of these beauties but I’m sure we’ll have more info so stay tuned…




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