Burberry’s golden duck head bags… you know I have to have these in my life!

How did I not pay closer attention to these clutches as they were marching down the Burberry autumn winter runway in February? I blame the brilliance of everything else for my lack of concentration on what was being clutched in models’ hands. Had I known Burberry was sending golden duck heads down the runway I think you may have seen the first and only time that a blogger rushes the runway (would be only time as of course I wouldn’t be invited back after committing such a fantastic fashion crime). 

While these bags are coming in with some pretty hefty price tags, I simply can’t imagine letting them slip away. Are they not the perfect bags for a blogger who spends her whole life under a goose in heels logo?

Time to look for that second job… or sell a kidney! We’ll see which comes first as autumn winter drops in store!

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