Bangs and Skincare… where it can all go wrong and how you can fix it

When I was thirteen I had bangs (or a “fringe” as it’s
called in the UK). While this lovely addition to my “look” was a nice touch, it
created a problem that was masked every day by the thick hair that covered my
forehead. Should anyone have ever swept my hair to the side, they would have
seen that as a teenager I suffered from some pretty horrible zit attacks. I kept them
thinking that one day it would all go away and I could grow out my hair. 

Then one day I decided I didn’t want to “bang” around
anymore and I grew out the fringe. Incredibly, after about a month, I had the
best skin I’d ever had. After all that, it turns out it was the oil from my
hair that was clogging the pores on my forehead. It is also argued that because
your forehead sweats so much, as technically it has its own fur coat, we touch
our foreheads all the time with dirty hands which DO NOT help with an acne
problem. Disgusting right? 

Sorry to be so graphic but I’m saying all this for a
reason.  I also have to add a little
caveat here as my mother did tell me these things all along, but at thirteen
you never ever listen to a word your mother has to say! I had to learn and
solve the problem myself.

There are a lot of us out there sporting a fringe these
days and not everyone knows that doning such a fashionable look requires some
extra attention in the skin care arena. So if you are into your bangs this
summer, please take on some of these hints to keep that skin under there extra
clear. When winter comes you don’t want to be stuck with a trend you may have
grown out of just because of an unsightly skin dilemma.

  1. Make sure you have clean bangs everyday!
  2. Carry Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes 
    in your purse to wipe your forehead when you sweat… DO NOT USE YOUR HANDS!
  3. Make sure you keep the skin on your forehead as clean
    as possible as often as possible, and use a product with
    salicylic acid to help heal the
    damage that’s already been done.
  4. I also used to pin my bangs up at night after washing
    and applying cream. I’m not sure if this really was the magic trick but it did
    wonders for me as I do believe it allowed my skin a breather for the night.

Hope this all helps! Bangs and Fringes are fabulous and
always on trend but can be a real pain if not looked after correctly. Good luck,
and happy haircutting!

This post was created
in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple®
Skincare Program. Visit to share your story on
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