Apparently Charlize Theron has no issues being naked and Michael Fassbender takes inspiration from Greg Louganis

In what has to be the most natural yet most awkward interview ever, Prometheus co-stars and W Magazine cover models Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender sit with Lynn Hirschberg and talk all things from being completely comfortable in the nude to being inspired by an Olympic diver.

First of all, of course Charlize Theron is comfortable naked. Look at her! I think if I had her body I’d never wear clothes. You’d see me lunching in the nude, riding the tube in the nude and maybe even going to see my own films in the nude. Now on to Fassbender… well, what’s there to say really? He’s charming and warm. Although was it just me or did he seem to have a chilling effect on Charlize Theron? She seems permanently freezing cold, literally, during the entire interview. Or maybe that’s just awkward fidgeting.


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