Victoria Beckham’s Closet…just look at that Birkin Bag Collection…

Last week Net-a-Porter tweeted a picture of Victoria Beckham showing off one of her exclusive designs for the site. Now while I know most of you were checking out the lush new piece… and yes, it is lush… we were focused more on what was going on in the background…mainly Victoria Beckham’s closet!

Take a look behind the fluffy white slippers and zero in on the items in the shelves over her head. See the row of orange bags? Well that must be her collection of Birkin bags. It’s rumoured she has over 100 Hermes Birkin bags to her name. Then you have the three Louis Vuitton trunks, that we can see at least. In those four shelves alone, we can barely contain the drool streaming from our mouths. One also notices that VB likes her wooden hangers and is seemingly very organized! Now if only we could get a full shot of the closet and a glimpse at what’s going on inside those drawers she’s sitting on. What a teaser shot! 

Shop the Victoria Beckham for Net-a-Porter Collection here.


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