Trying out Low light photography in the Low Country #myHTCurbanadventure


I have been having way too much fun capturing images around the southern states of America using the HTC One X phone. This may sound like a blatant advertisement but I am truly smitten when it comes to this phone and what you can do with images. I played around with the low light feature on the HTC One X this evening and took the images you see above. I think I probably annoyed my fellow dinner guests as I kept leaving the dinner table to capture this or that with the camera then coming back and showing everyone the result. It’s the first time I have used a camera on a phone that has actually accurately captured what I was seeing with my own eye. We all know those moments when you are witnessing a truly beautiful moment and try to snap it with the camera only to be left with an image that is nothing like what you are experiencing. This is clearly not the case with the HTC One X. This might have something to do with the low light specialities of this phone including the f2.0 aperture. Or perhaps it’s the 8MB quality. It also helps that I had a 4.7″ display to show off my fantastic photo work! Ok who are we kidding? It’s impossible to take a bad picture with this equipment so truly I can’t take any credit at all. Bottom line, if you’re in the market for a new phone…this may just be exactly what you need! Find out more information on the HTC One X here.

Note: I have been given an HTC ONE X phone by the manufacturers to use on my adventures while in America.


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