Temperley’s vision for Resort 2013 is EXTREMELY glamourous!

The last time I visited the Temperley showroom I was getting a closer look at the Spring Summer collection for 2012. As I flipped through the racks of clothes I saw garment after garment that would be a perfect match for the nation’s pride and joy, Kate Middleton. These pieces were glamourous, sophisticated and 100% Temperley. They were so Temperley in fact that if I had seen someone wearing one of these dresses I could have identified the designer before the wearer. 

Now, having seen the Resort collection for 2013 I have to say that everything I knew of Temperley or any preconceived notions I had I am completely throwing out the window. While I have always loved Temperley and lusted after each and every collection, Alice has thrown a complete curve ball our way with this new line. It is Temperley but it is an elegance we have never seen before in her garments. These are pieces that are in fact a step above what we would see a member of the Royal Family wearing to an event. These are pieces reserved for only THE most elegant and stylish women on earth. This is like my new holy water for style and I’m completely sold on each and every look. Congratulations to the Temperley team on once again keeping us on our toes. We don’t know what will come next but we’re already counting the days until September when we can see the next collection! {Temperley}


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