Take a look at 100 pieces from the closet of Daphne Guinness now up for auction

Daphne Guinness is truly a fashion fairy godmother and a name that is repeatedly mentioned on Fashion Foie Gras because of her continued interest in and support of the industry. Her style is one which is constantly innovative and completely
unpredictable.  She truly transforms herself into a walking piece of
art for each event she attends. Her closet is the collection that dreams are made of in this world and now she’s selling off some of her finest fashion treasures in honour of a dear departed friend, Isabella Blow. On June 27th, Christie’s will host an evening auction featuring the 100 carefully selected items from Daphne Guinness’s extensive collection. From Chanel to McQueen, there are items you will undoubtedly recognise and others that will take you by surprise. However, each and every piece sold will see the proceeds go to a wonderful cause as Daphne Guinness will use the money to establish the Isabella Blow Foundation in support of new and emerging talent in fashion and art. The catalogue is now online in its entirety and it’s well worth a glance, whether you’re a buyer or a follower of the finer things in life. {Christie’s The Daphne Guinness Collection}


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